exporting report data: how excel files are formatted

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The Legend

Each downloaded worksheet will include a legend. 

If you have asked the Impact Suite to generate a Totals Only workbook, ignore this tab.

For Totals and Raw Data or Raw Data only, the legend will be an important tool to help you navigate the workbook.  Here’s what each column means in the legend.


In the example below, data has been exported for multiple questions. The ID number of the question is located in the tabs at the bottom of the page. If you’d like to rename a tab, just double click it and enter a new name.

How the TOTAL Tab is Formatted.

When exporting data for Totals only or Totals and Raw Data, you’ll have access to a TOTAL tab that will provide you with all sum totals of the data you have requested.

How the Raw Data for Individual Questions is Formatted

When exporting data for multiple questions into an Excel file and when you choose the option to Raw Data for Individual Questions, your worksheet will contain data for each single question on a separate tab.  In each worksheet, one row of data refers to a single individual’s response to the question at issue.

Due to limits with older versions of Excel and since some Impact Suite users are using those older versions, if you are exporting data for more than 250 questions or sub questions at a time, multiple Excel files will be created, each with a maximum of 250 worksheets.  There is no limit to the number of Excel files that may be created at any one time.

How the TOTAL_ATTRIBUTES Tab is Formatted

Here’s how data is organized on the TOTAL_ATTRIBUTES tab:

The data types in columns C, D, and E will repeat in accordance with the number of data points you have requested from the system.

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