budget modifications (program staff)

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(Financial Reporting for Program Staff)

Submitting Budget Modifications

Designated staff members with responsibilities for submitting financial reports for your program will receive e-mail alerts when it’s time to submit or resubmit an expense report.

Here’s how to fill out and submit a modification:

  1. From the left, click Financial Reporting.

  2. On the right, towards the bottom of the page, you’ll see the section, Submit & Update Budgets.

  3. Click Submit Budget Modification.
  4. You’ll see instructions from your commission at the very top of the page.

  5. Next you'll see the Pre-approved Budget Increase or Decrease section. Here you'll be able to increase shares in any column. Then, click outside of the section to see this Help-Table appear.

    In this example, you'll see the user is increasing the "Grantee Share" by $1,000.00. (Please note that your program might break Grantee Share into two categories: Grantee Cash and Grantee In-Kind.)

    The Help-Table will remain visible until you have balanced your budget by increasing or decreasing line items by the amount you have entered into the Pre-approved Budget Increase or Decrease section.

  6. The remaining sections will display (a) currently-budgeted totals for each line item.  Notice as you click into each line item the system will also display the (b) amounts you've already reported as spent and the (c) amount remaining.

    (d) Enter the increased or decreased amount to the relevant cells.

    When you enter changes, (e) you’ll be prompted to share a reason.

    If the percentage change exceeds a threshold defined by your commission, the modification will be subject to formal commission approval.

  7. If Section III is in your budget, values there will auto-calculate based on what you enter in Sections I and II.  Do not change these values without explicit permission from your commission.

    If you mistakenly edit the automatically-calculated values and realize that doing so was a mistake, at the bottom of the Section III table, click the link, Remove Your Edits & Restore Default Section III Calculations.

  8. Near the bottom, you'll see the Review Section.

    If have backup documentation, click select a file to upload items. Each file can be up to 10 MB or less (10 MB is equivalent to a Word doc of several thousand pages).

  9. Next, in Review, you’ll see the Totals & Matches table.

  10. In the Final Details section at the bottom of the page, enter any notes for your commission to help them understand the reasons for your proposed changes.

    If it needs to be formally approved, you’ll see a note above the submission button informing you of the need for formal approval.

    Click Submit Budget Modification.

    Designated staff members at the commission will receive an instant e-mail informing them of the submission.

    Note that you can always save and come back later to finish your work by clicking the “Save” button at the very bottom of the page.

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