creating a custom template for enrolling identifiers

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Accessing the Identifier Importer

  1. On the left, in your Mission Control, click Beneficiary Groups.

  2. Under the Manage Groups section, use the drop-down menu to choose a Group.

  3. Use the More menu and select Import and Update Identifiers with Excel.

Creating a Custom Template

  1. Find the section called Build Custom Import Template.

  2. Open your panels to choose the fields you’d like included in your custom template, or

  3. Use the Select All option on the right.

    Note: At a minimum, in the Name & Contact Details panel, you must include First Name, Last Name, and Email.

  4. Additional Export Options.

    To make importing reporters as simple as possible, we've included a way for you to export the Field Type (for each field) and the available options for any single-and-multi-select fields you include in your template.

    IMPORTANT: If included, delete these rows before you import your file. 

  5. (Optional) Save Template As.

    To save your template for later use, use the Save Template As section to give it a name.

  6. Click Download Template.

IMPORTANT: Use Double Semi-Colons for Multiple Selections Per Cell

When you need to include more than one option in a cell for an Identifier, please use a double semi-colon.

Example: Say you need to include two sites for an Identifier: Asteroid Place and Moonstar Center.

In your Excel document, in the column and cell marked for Site value type: Asteroid Place;; Moonstar Center

Excel Worksheet Anatomy

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