identifiers from your reporters’ perspective

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Identifiers from Your Reporters’ Perspective

Just like with most things in the Impact Suite, when it comes to Identifiers you have loads of flexibility on how you and your reporters manage things.

  • Do you want your reporters to enroll their own roster of Identifiers?
  • Would you like to approve those enrollments or let your reporters start submitting data right away?
  • Want to allow your reporters access to an editable profile for each Identifier?
  • Have data you want them to enter on each Identifier on a one-time or regular basis?

We’ve got you covered.

Identifier Questions on Reports

When reporters who are linked to Identifiers complete reports and you have created special Identifier tracking questions, they’ll see a pink box at the top of the report.

Text inside the box will ask the reporters to select all of the Identifiers they served (or worked with/on) during the period the report covers. You’ll control the text that is displayed to the left of the Identifier list (see the image below). The reporters will select the Identifiers they worked with and will then click a link to update the report.

Any relevant Group Tracking Questions you included in this report will be instantly added to the reporter’s screen.  Those questions will be duplicated for each Identifier the reporter selected in the pink box.

Example of the Question Duplication Process
In the example above and below, the Identifier is “Beneficiary”.

Following the graphic above, if a reporter worked with three beneficiaries or projects (identified as: AWhite, BSilinas and CShopper) and you created the Group Tracking Question, “How much time did you spend serving the Identifier during this reporting period?” that question will be displayed for each Identifier (note the pink rows in the questions below).

Provide Reporters with a Profile for each Group

Here’s what’s new. If you’d like, profiles can offer Reporters an ability to review the progress for each Identifier to date, and allow them to enter additional profile data, too.  An added benefit is that multiple Reporters serving with or on the same Identifier will all be able to see the cumulative progress made to date.

Additionally, you’ll have full control over which Identifier Attributes (Identifier Attributes details above) are visible to the Reporters (covered below).

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