desk audit & member file review instructions for program officers (service commissions)

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Send this article to program officers who are conducting desk audits of your AmeriCorps files.

This article first covers the process of reviewing time sheets, and then covers reviewing member files.

You can access Word.doc version of this guidance here.

Timesheet Review

Reviewing Individual Sheets

Once you’ve logged in, on the left, click Time Sheets.

  1. On the right, find View & Screen Individual Time Sheets.

  2. From the drop-down menu, select the program year at issue (referred to as a “time sheet template”).
    • Select the first blue hyperlink you see: Display all relevant members now.

    • Click the name of the member at issue, which will open up their time sheet dashboard in a new tab.

    • At the top of the page, you’ll see a summary of the member’s hours for that program year.

    • If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll see the Approved Sheets section.  Click the Screen link to review any sheet.

      Note: Clicking the “mission control” link at the top-right of any page will take you back to the main menu (where you clicked “Time Sheets” in Step 1).

Running Reports & Exporting Printer-Friendly Sheets

  1. From your Mission Control, on the left, click Time Sheets.
  2. On the right, click View site data.
  3. Select the program year at issue (referred to as a “time sheet template”).
  4. Towards the bottom of the page, choose to either build custom reports or export printable sheets. (The hyperlinks here take you to more complete support articles may be helpful.)

    Important #1: As you follow the prompts to build reports or export sheets, to keep things simple for you, select all sites that appear as options. This will make sure that the reports you run and sheets you export are complete.

    Important #2: When exporting sheets, you’ll see at there are two formats to choose. The “condensed” option is far-easier to review than the other version

Member File Review

Reviewing Individual Files

Once you’ve logged in, on the left, click Members, Staff, & Sites.

  1. On the right, click Create and manage members.

  2. The page will list the members whose files are being reviewed.

  3. Click a member’s name; you’ll have access to their file. 


Exporting Files 

  1. Follow Steps 1 and 2 above.

  2. On the right go to More, then Export Members.
  3. Under Step 1, select By Members’ Names.
  4. Select all relevant members and then click the button, Select Fields to Include.

  5. A page will open with the members’ first and last names at the bottom.  This is your report preview area.  As you add fields to the report, they’ll be automatically added here.
  6. To add a field, open a panel (like “Name & Contact Details”), and select all of the fields you want to review in the report.
  7. Once all of the fields you need are selected, click the Export button. You’ll be able to download any file attachments directly from the Excel sheet.
  8. To save time in the future, save your report fields so you can skip steps 5 and 6.



Quickly Determine if Members are Missing a Piece of their Files

  1. Follow Steps 1 and 2 at the top of this page.
  2. In the Show Filter section, click Show Filter.
  3. Open the Filter By drop-down menu, and type the name of the field or document you want to check on.

  4. Add all of the limits you want in the Operator and Value columns, click Add.  When you’re finished, click Apply Filter and you’ll see a list of members who fall into the filter you created.

    A sample filter may look like this.


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