mass identifier enrollment using Excel

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Once you have created your Group, managed your profile layout, added fields, and created enrollment instructions you will be ready to add Identifiers to your database.

There are three ways to enroll new identifiers into your Groups: 

  1. One-by-one
  2. Mass enrollment: using an Excel spreadsheet, and
  3. From your reporter's profile

Access support on enrolling group identifiers: one-by-one here.

Video Resource

See the CHAPTER called 1 Enrolling Identifier (Timestamp: 06:56).

Accessing the Group Identifier Importer

RECOMMENDATION: We recommend creating your custom panels, sub-panels, and fields before proceeding.

  1. On the left, in your Mission Control, click Groups.

  2. Under the Manage Groups section, use the drop-down menu to choose a Group.

  3. Use the More menu and select Import and Update Identifiers with Excel.

Enrolling Group Identifiers Using Excel

From here, you can use your own Excel document or create a custom template. (See: creating a custom template.)

  1. At the top of the page, under the section called Import Identifiers, follow the steps to enroll your identifiers.
    • Step 1: Use the drop-down menu to choose Create New Identifiers.

    • Step 2: Click the Choose a File button to select your saved Excel file.

    •  Step 3: Then click Upload Excel File.

  2. Next, map your Excel file's fields to the fields available in your Impact Suite.
  3. Once you have mapped your fields, click the Preview Import button to move to the next step.

  4. A pop-up window will confirm if you have mapped all of the fields available (looking at both the available fields in your Impact Suite and at the Excel document). To proceed select Skip and Import.
  5. (If no errors are found skip to #10.)
    If errors are found on the Excel sheet, you’ll get a detailed list of issues and will have the option to download a file with the errors highlighted for quick correct.
  6. Here’s what the file will look like, errors highlighted in red:
  7. To upload your corrected document click Choose a File.

  8. Next, you will need to re-map your Fields.

  9. Now you will have a chance to Preview Import.

    This is a good opportunity to make sure you properly mapped your template. If you find issues you can use the Map Fields back-button to correct any mistakes.

  10. Once you’re satisfied with your preview, proceed to Perform Import.

  11. When the import is complete you’ll get an Import Confirmation, like this:

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