reviewing and exporting group profile data to excel

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Staff Permissions

Main administrators will have permissions to access these features by default. If you want other staff and supervisors to have access to these features you will need to turn on one of two permissions in their accounts.

Here’s how:

  1. On the left, in your Mission Control, click Reporters, Staff, & Sites.

  2. On the right, click Manage staff roles.

  3. Click on the role you would like to update.

  4. If you would like to give a staff member the ability to access the Export to Excel features but not make edits to Identifier information, you only need to give this permission:

    Groups  and IdentifiersView Associations and Association Identifiers

5. If you would like to give a staff member the ability to access the Export to Excel features with the ability to make edits to Identifier profiles from this page, give these two permissions:

Groups  and IdentifiersView Associations and Association Identifiers

Groups  and IdentifiersCreate, Edit, Archive, and Delete Identifiers 

Getting to the Identifier Exporter

  1. On the left, in your Mission Control, select Groups.

  2. Find the section called Manage Groups and use the drop-down to choose the database you’d like to work on.

  3. On the top-right, use the More menu to click Export to Excel.

Select Fields to Include

  1. Next, choose the Fields you’d like to include.

    If you want to include archived Attributes in the list to of Fields to choose from, click the Show Archived Attributes link.

    If you want to include all available Attributes in your export, on the right, click the Select All Fields link.
  2. As you add Fields, you’ll notice that the preview table at the bottom of the page will adjust and display the new information.

  3. To download your selected data, click the Export button. Download your report from the pop-up window. Be sure your web browser’s settings allow pop-ups from the domain.
  4. Here are the additional things you can do on this page:

    1. You can arrange Fields in the table so that appear by in Row-order (Fields from left to right), or in Column-order (all selected Fields from the left-side columns in a panel, then all selected Fields from the right-side columns in a panel).
    2. Drag and drop any column to adjust the order of columns for your download.
    3. Additionally, you can edit any cell by clicking the Pencil Icon or remove any column from the table by clicking the Trashcan Icon.
    4. Add filters by clicking the Show Filter link (see next section).
    5. Save your report for later access.
      If you save your report, you will be able access them at the top of the page:
    6. Export your selected data to Excel by clicking the Export button.

Using the Filter (Step 4d from above)

There may be times when you want to filter your export list so that only reporters whose accounts meet specific conditions are included in the export.  Take advantage of the filter to get the exact export you need.

Once you choose how to organize your export (Step 1) and have selected the Attributes to include (Step 2), select the Show Filters link.

  1. Choose the first Attribute to Filter By.

  2. Next you will choose your Operator.
    • The Operator is dependent on the Attribute type. Below, you will find a list of Attribute types and the operators by which you can filter your export.

      Field Type

      Phone Number
      Quantitative Text;
      Quantitative Single Select;
      Quantitative Multi Select
      Qualitative Single Select; 
      Qualitative Multi Select; 
      Free Text

      3. To create a logical string of more than one filter request, the system will begin to build a pattern using AND/OR statements.

  • Add additional filter options by clicking the Add button.

  • Edit the logical pattern by click the Edit Pattern link.

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