certifying reports

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Certifying Reports

This article reviews the steps for staff and supervisors who need to certify reports submitted by reporters.

  1. On the left, in your Mission Control, click Reporters, Staff, & Sites.

  2. On the right, click Manage reporter accounts.

  3. Choose your reporter by clicking their name.

  4. Open the panel called Report Completion. Under the Current Rate subpanel click the link. This will open the reporter's report completion history in a new tab.

  5. Choose the report you need to certify by click the on the Graph Icon on the right.

  6. Once you're looking at the report you're interested in, towards the top-right hand side of the report, click Edits, Revisions & Feedback.

  7. In the window that’s displayed, click “One or more responses need to be edited by me or by [the name of the person at issue].”

  8. On the following page, you’ll see every question that was presented to the person at issue, along with their responses to each question.  Any questions without responses are questions that the person did not answer.

    Here you are looking for the Certification question. This should be near the bottom of the form and will look something like this:

  9. To edit certify the report, click that question’s “Edit this response on your own” link.

  10. In the space provided, describe the reason you are updating this information.  At your option, this rationale may be displayed when you view data for this report in the future.

  11. Edit the data.

  12. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page after you’ve completed all other edits and edit requests.

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