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My upload of staff or community host partners failed/I received an error message to upload a valid Excel template.

Please try the following:

  1. Ensure that there are no periods in the filename.

    For example, FellowEnrollment_RainbowUniversity_09_01_2022.xlsx will upload properly but FellowEnrollment.RainbowUniversity.9.1.22.xlsx will result in an error.

  2. Delete any extra sheets on the bottom, including hidden sheets. These may be titled “DELETE ME BEFORE UPLOADING” or “Variables.”

  3. Clear the contents of any columns to the right of your data or rows below your data not in use. Sometimes data and formulas hide in rows that appear blank.

  4. Make sure the headers match those in the original template provided.

I am missing the option to add Fellows to the site. How can I add new Fellows?

To add Fellows to the site, you need to use the upload. Please follow these steps:

  1. Complete this Excel Spreadsheet with your Fellow information.

    All Fellows MUST be associated with a Community Host Partner

    • If a Fellow has not yet been matched with a Community Host Partner please enter *Institution Name (e.g. “*Rainbow University”) in the Community Host Partner column on the spreadsheet.

    • You will be able to go back and edit the Community Host Partner field once the Fellows are uploaded into your Fellow Impact Suite.

  2. Upload the completed spreadsheet into this secure Box folder.

Once your data is sent to Box, the America Learns team will enter your Fellow data into the America Learns platform. Please allow a few days for import before you can access Fellows in America Learns.

I enrolled my Community Host Partners but they don’t have accounts. What’s next?

There are two steps to community host partner enrollment, one within each suite. To toggle between the suites, please use the “my accounts” dropdown menu in the top right.

  • Step 1: Enroll Community Host Partners on the Fellow Impact Suite 
    • This step should be completed before uploading Fellows and is necessary to assign Fellows and staff to host sites. 
    • As part of this process, you will need the name of the Community Host Partner and name and email address for any staff at the host site who should have access to approve timesheets.

  • Step 2: Create profiles for Community Host Partners on the Partner Impact Suite 
    • This step should be completed within a week of uploading your Fellows and is necessary to collect additional details (location, number of slots, etc.) for each host site. 
    • As part of this process, you will need to provide addresses, contact information, and other information on each Community Host Site. You can download a template for this process

I can’t edit the Excel template you provided.

  • If you are viewing the template on Google Docs (website address begins, please click File > Download > Microsoft Excel and open the document locally on your computer. This will allow you to edit.
  • You may need to click “Allow editing,” depending on your version of Excel.

My staff member is not connected to a certain Fellow or Community Host Partner.

The most likely cause for not being able to see a Fellow is that the staff account in America Learns is not assigned to that Fellow's site or sites. (Note: you will have to have permission under Staff Account Management "Edit, Archive & Delete Staff Accounts" in order to perform this task.)

Here's how to fix it: 

  1. On the left, in your Mission Control, click Manage Fellows, Staff, and Community Host Partners.

  2. On the right, click Manage staff accounts.

  3. Next, find and click the staff member's name having trouble accessing the fellow's account.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the staff member's account settings page and make sure that they are connected to the CHP the Fellow is connected to. If not, assign them to the CHP and click Update

I received an error that says PROGRAMPATH undefined.

  • When logging in, please use the College Corps-specific login links for America Learns:

I am receiving emails from America Learns, but I never created an account. How do I log in?

  • Campuses need to send a welcome email to Fellows and Community Host Partners before they can log in for the first time. Some campuses wait to do this until closer to their orientation date. Please reach out to your campus directly and ask them to send you a welcome email if you expect to be able to access the platform. 

I am no longer enrolled in the program. How can I stop receiving emails?

Please reach out to your campus directly and ask them to archive your account. Until they do this, you may continue to receive reminder emails and other communications via America Learns.

I’m trying to add a Community Host Partner staff account but I’m getting an error that they already have an account and don’t see them in the list.

You may receive an error that a staff account already exists if the same staff member is supervising individuals from multiple campuses. If you encounter that error, please contact the College Corps team with the name and email of the staff member as well as the name of the Community Host Partner and we will get them the access they need.

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