implementation checklist: data+

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Step 1: Reporter Associations (Type 1 and 2 Associations)

Create any Type 1 (permanent) and Type 2 (impermanent) Associations and assign reporters to them.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Group Management System

Think about and make decisions regarding your Groups:
  • How many groups do you need?
  • How will you use these groups?
  • Who will enroll beneficiaries/projects?

Create your Group groups.

Think about and make decisions regarding your Fields for Beneficiaries/Projects:
  • What data will you want to track in the library vs. the data+ system?
  • What will the enrollment process look like?

Create any Fields that you will need.
  • Decide if reporters will have permission to update each field (Action Center).

Manage your identifier profile layout:
  • Staff-facing
  • Reporter-facing

Create instructions, set permissions and determine Field order for enrollment:
  • How the Impact Suite will refer to your beneficiary/project “identifiers”?
  • Who will enroll identifiers and with whose approval?
  • Create instructions for staff/reporters who will enroll identifiers into groups.
  • Determine order of Fields on enrollment page.
  • Will reporters have the ability to connect/disconnect to/from identifiers from their accounts? Will you approve these connections/disconnection, or not?
  • Do you want reporters to have access to dashboards and assignment details for identifiers to which they are assigned? 

Step 3: Report Building

Create report questions.

Assemble first form.

Schedule first launch.

Decide (if and) how you will use the Safety Alert Feature.

If you’ll be using it, create a written plan of the steps that will be taken when the Safety Alert checkbox is selected on your reports.

Decide if you’ll use the “Did Not Participate” button on the top of each report.

Step 4: Learning Community Strategy Library Customization

Determine whether you’ll be using one or two strategy libraries.

Work with your America Learns implementation consultant to create your strategy library’s search variables, headings, and topics.

Create any number of program strategies that you would like to have available for your reporters.

Screen strategies that reporters and staff share.

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