custom reports: creating time sheet reports at the program-wide and site levels

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Creating Time Sheet Reports at the program-wide and Site Levels

Follow these steps:

  1. On the left, in your Mission Control, click Time Sheets.

  2. On the right, select either View program-wide data or View site data.

  3. On the next page, select the Time Sheet Template at issue.

    Note: After selecting the time sheet template from the drop-down, your Impact Suite will automatically pre-select this option on all relevant pages. Additionally, the system will remember your selection even after logging out and back in.

  4. At the bottom of the page, select Build Custom Reports.

  5. On the next page, choose which type of report you would like to build.

    Your options are:

    Report Type
    Totals Report
    Use this report to review cumulative time sheet data for any period of time. This is also the only report that you can view both on-screen and export to Excel.
    Time Sheet Period Report
    Use this report to export your time sheet data period-by-period either on a single Excel worksheet, side-by-side, or with a separate tab for each selected period.
    Monthly Report
    Use this report to export your time sheet data by calendar month. The system will generate a single Excel worksheet with each requested month’s data side-by-side.
    Daily Report
    Use this report to export daily details for each time sheet period. The system will generate an Excel worksheet with a tab for each time sheet period you choose to review.

  6. If you have chosen View site data, you will have an option to select the site or sites you are assigned to. For Program-wide date, please go to the next step.

  7. On the next page, Select Data to Export. You can choose as many data points as you’d like.

    Report Type
    Select Data to Export
    (These options are available in all report types.)
    All Report Types

    The Basics

    • Approved Hours
    • Pending Hours
    • First Date the Reporter Submitted Time to a Category or Subcategory
    • Most Recent Date the Reporter Submitted Time to a Category or Subcategory

    Time Sheet Associations

    • All associations will be available for all report types

    Time Allocation Categories

    • All categories and subcategories will be available for all report types

    Specific Reasons for Not Service

    • All reasons for not serving will be available for all report types

    Unallocated Time

    • Total Hours

      These options will be available for all reports, such as:

Report Type
Select Data to Export
(Differing Options Available for Each Report Type)
Totals Report
The Basics
  • Approved Hours
  • Pending Hours
  • Remaining Hours
  • Remaining Weeks
  • Average Number of Weekly Hours Needed (Number of remaining hours / Number of remaining weeks)
  • Average Number of Approved Hours Per Week (Number of approved hours for the selected period / Number of weeks in the selected period)
  • Average Number of Hours Submitted Per Week (Total Number of Approved Hours For All Selected Sheets / Number of Selected Sheets)
  • Percentage Completed Towards Target
  • Whether Has Met Target
  • Days Did Not Serve
  • First Date the Reporter Submitted Time (Anything Other than a Blackout Date)
  • Most Recent Date the Reporter Submitted Time

Time Sheet Period Report
Audit Trail
  • Status
  • Date
  • Timestamp
Monthly Report
No additional options are available.
Daily Report
Written Descriptions (if relevant)
  • Time Allocation Categories Descriptions
    • Unallocated Time

  1. Then, use the Select Site Breakout Options, to tell the system what site data (if any) you would like on your report.
    Your options are:
    • Do not include site names. (No column for View site data)

    • Include site names (no breakouts). (Include all sites data for each Reporter on a single row, in a single column.)

    • Include site names (breakouts). (Data for each site is separated onto a new row for each Reporter.)

  2. Next, Select One or More Reporters.
    Your options are:
    1. Include all relevant reporters.

    2. Select specific reporters.

  3. Next, Add Reporter Profile Data to the Report.
    Your options are:
    1. Do not add profile data.

    2. Add profile data.

      Find out more about this option here

  4. Use the Select a Time Period section to select the time period that the report should include.

    For the Totals, Time Sheet Period and Daily reports, each date range in the drop-down menu (e.g., May 9, 2019 – May 15, 2019) represents a single time sheet period.

    For the Monthly Report you will only see each month listed.

  5.  Choose your report format by clicking View Data or Export Excel. Note: View Data will only be available for the Totals Report.

IMPORTANT: Special Options for the Totals & Time Sheet Period Reports

At the bottom of the pages, you'll may see additional checkboxes.

Here's what they mean:

(Totals Report) "Include timestamps of the most recent submission and approval activity” means that your report will include the status, date and timestamp of when each reporter last submitted the sheet at issue and of when the most recent supervisor or staff member approved or partially approved the sheet.

Time Sheet Period Report
“Display each period on a separate tab (only available when two or more-time sheet periods are included in your date range)” means you can choose to break out your data onto separate tabs based on time periods, if you’d like.

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