making group identifier questions available to reporters on reports

Modified on Thu, 17 Aug 2023 at 03:57 PM

Making Group Identifier Questions Available to Reporters on Reports

Once Reporters have Identifiers associated with their accounts, you can create questions on their reports that will duplicate for each Identifier they are associated with.  

Follow the instructions below to create a Group question.

  1. On the left, in your Mission Control, select Report Management.

  2. On the right, Create and manage questions.

  3. A page will open, Create & Edit Report Questions.

  4. Click the Create a New Question.

  5. Follow the steps for creating a new question.

  6. In the section pictured below, let the Impact Suite know if you, "Would like your Reporters to respond to this question separately Identifiers belonging to one or more Groups?"

    Note: If you activate this option, the entire 3D Matrix and any sub-questions you create below it will appear for each Identifier.

    Don't see your Group listed? Make sure you have added at least one identifier in the Group and then come back. (This can be a test identifier.)

  7. When the question opens for editing, find the section of each question or sub-question that reads Include on Identifier profiles.

  8. A dotted box will appear. This box allows you to choose which type of data should be displayed on the profile for Staff and reporters.
  9. Next, tell the Impact Suite if the question should be required or not.

  10. Give your question a Data Viewing Title.

    Remember: This is the text that will be displayed above the responses to this question on the data viewing pages. This text should be specific and unique to this question.

  11. Add another question by clicking Add Sub-question, or, follow the remaining steps to finish creating the question.

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