modifying extension periods

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Modifying Extension Periods

You can create an extension period for reports that are currently active or past their deadlines.  When you do this, the reports will show up as “late” for your reporters (see the image below).

The benefit to using extension periods is that you can setup automatic text and email reminders as frequently as daily to be sent to your reporters who have not completed the report.

To create an extension period:

  1. On the left, in your Mission Control, click Report Management.

  2. Click Manage existing & scheduled launches.

  3. Find the Active, Scheduled, or Closed launch you would like to update by opening the appropriate panel.

  4. Under the Action column choose Edit Launch.

  5. When the launch opens, find the Update Schedule panel and click the Edit link.

    Make the change Optional Extension Period section and click Set to save your change.

  6. If, as a result of change you’ve made, there are updates you need to make, you’ll see a pop-up like this one:

  7. When all of the panels have green checkmarks, you're all set.

  8. To finish the change, click the Return to Report Management Page button.

Optionally, you can also manage extension periods using the Completion Tracker:

  1. On the left, in your Mission Control, click Report Data (remember this might say Log Data, Monthly Report Data, or another term you use to refer to your surveys).

  2. On the right, click Completion tracker.

  3. Next, choose your Start and End periods.

  4. For any period that is not at 100%, use the Extend through... links at the top of the table. These links will open the launched report's editing page in a new tab. You will see a green arrow indicating the field you'll need to adjust and then click Set.

  5. Return to the Completion tracker tab, refresh the page (you may need to Confirm Form Resubmission by clicking Continue), and update the next report's extension period by following step 4 above.

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