incorrect site used on a time sheet (3 scenarios)

Modified on Wed, 22 Mar 2023 at 03:59 PM


We're human. Mistakes happen. Your Impact Suite is designed to care for you when they do. 

There are three common scenarios that can occur that cause trouble when it comes to time sheets and site assignments: 

  1. Picked the Wrong Site. Your reporter is assigned to more than one site and they accidentally select the wrong one.

  2. Assigned the Wrong Site. A member of your team assigns a reporter to the wrong site or sites.

  3. Changed Sites. A reporter's site changes and time allocated to one site needs to be moved to another.

 Let's look at what happens for each scenario: 

Picked the Wrong Site

When we a reporter has more than one site assigned to them and they choose the wrong one, the system makes it easy to move the data to the correct one. 

Assigned to the Wrong the Site

If a staff member assigns the wrong site to a reporter, once the correction is made the system makes it easy for the reporter to move the data to the correct site. 

Changed Sites

If a reporter moves from one site to a new one, returned time sheets can be easily updated by the reporter. 

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