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FAQ: Our time sheets have two signers. Can I approve the sheet without the first signer?

Scenarios will arrive when you may need to skip the first signer in the time sheet flow (maybe a site supervisor is going on vacation, or is very behind on time sheets and the reporter needs those hours approved). 

Those with a Time Sheet Director assignment (second signers) are able to bypass the first signer in the signing flow if this box is checked in the time sheet template:
Here's how to do it. 

  1. From Mission Control on your left, click Time Sheets.
  2. Next, at the top, select Create & manage time sheet templates.
  3. Select the time sheet template you need to change the signing flow for.
  4. Now within that time sheet template, scroll down towards the bottom to the section titled, "When Screening Sheets, How Many People Should Sign Off on Each Site?"

    Check the box under the Two Signers section that states: "Time Sheet Directors will be able to approve hours for sites before Time Sheet Supervisors do so. Once a Time Sheet Director approves those hours, no other user can approve them."
  5. You will now be able to approve hours for the reporter(s) without needing a first signer. Navigate to the reporter(s) Time Sheet Dashboard to sign off. (See below for instructions on accessing time sheets from a reporter dashboard.) 

IMPORTANT: Be sure to UNCHECK this box when you're done screening the necessary time sheets. 

Leaving this box checked will result in submitted time sheets appearing in the Site Supervisor and Director Action Centers at the same time. This can lead to your second signers accidentally signing time sheets before site supervisors when they shouldn't.   

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FAQ: I need to sign off on a time sheet that isn't in my Action Center. How do I find it?

Here is how to access all time sheets for screening through a reporter's Time Sheet Dashboard

  1. From Mission Control on your left, select Reporters, Staff, & Sites.
  2. At the top, select Manage reporter accounts.
  3. Select the name of the reporter whose time sheets you'd like to screen.
  4. Scroll to the panel labeled Time Sheet Settings and open the panel using the green carrot on the left.

  5. On the right, select the blue hyperlink labeled Show Dashboard.

  6. A new window will open with this reporter's time sheet information. Scroll to the area labeled Sheets Pending Approval and select the time sheet you'd like to screen.
  7. Approve or reject that sheet, and return to the reporter's Time Sheet Dashboard to continue screening other sheets as needed!

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FAQ: Can I control who gets the emails that are sent out when a time sheet is deleted? 

  • Answer: No. All staff listed as Time Sheet Directors will get these emails. There is not currently a way to stop these emails from being sent to folks with this time sheet role. 
  • Is this annoying you or someone on your team? We recommend setting up a filter with your email provider to either delete or automatically move to a folder. 

    Google: "how to set up email filters in [enter your email provider]" (Example: how to set up email filters in Gmail)

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