replacing an existing template within signNow

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Did you upload a document to serve as your template in signNow, and later realize you need to make changes to the core text of the document? Follow the steps below to add, remove, or replace pages that form the core text of your template!

For example: You made a typo in the original document you uploaded to signNow

Or, you want to add an extra page to the document.

Or, you want to remove a page from the document.

Replace an existing template in signNow

  1. On the left, in your Mission Control, click Reporters, Staff, & Sites.

  2. On the right, click Manage reporter accounts.

    Note: If you're planning to edit a template in the staff or site profiles, alternately, please select Manage staff accounts, or Manage sites & cohorts.

  3. Use the More drop-down menu on the top right-hand side and select Manage Fields and Profile Layout.

  4. Locate the document signing field you'd like to edit by opening the relevant panel.

  5. Once you've located the correct field, notice the green text underneath the field title that states either a) Select a Template to Edit - where you have unique templates for reporters, or b) Edit Template - where you use one template for all reporters.
  6. To the right of the green text, click Edit.

    Note: If you select to edit a signNow field that has multiple templates, a dropdown menu will appear for you to choose which template you'd like to edit. Select the appropriate template.
  7. After selecting your template, you will be automatically pulled into the signNow portal. Once your template loads, make any necessary edits:
    1. Select the + sign on the right-hand side
    2. Select Upload Document

    3. Upload the correct version of the document.

    4. Map the fields on the newly uploaded pages.

  8. If you have pages of the document you no longer want to appear in the template. For each page you want to remove:
    1. Select the three dots that appear when hovering over each page on the right-hand side page preview.
    2. Select Remove Page

  9. Once you have made all the desired changes to your template, select Save and Close

Important: This process does not affect documents that have already been signed. To remove a signed document from a reporter's profile so they can sign an updated template, please follow this link for guidance.

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