turning off time in and time out on your time sheet template

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While AmeriCorps recommends tracking daily "Time In" and "Time Out" on sheets, we understand that in some cases, it just doesn't make sense to do so.  If "Time In" and "Time Out" have been getting in the way of your flow, you can now ditch them immediately -- without impacting any already-approved sheets. 

(And of course, if you get rid of Time In/Out and then -- sometime down the road -- want to bring them back, you can do so immediately. You can always change your mind.)

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Turning Off Time In and Time Out

Here are the steps:

  1. On the left, in your Mission Control, click Time Sheets.

  2. On the right, click Create & manage time sheet templates.

  3. Near the bottom, select the template that you’d like to edit by clicking the link.

  4. Find the section called Time In and Time Out Functionality.

    By default, your Impact Suite will "Require reporters to record their start and end times each day they served." For AmeriCorps program, this is the method AmeriCorps strongly recommends

    If you choose the option to "Prevent reporters from recording start and end times for each day," reporters will only need to enter total hours for each category/subcategory. Choosing this option might put your program at risk of being non-compliant. Before selecting it, we suggest reaching out to your AmeriCorps Program Officer before making this change. 

    Here's a sample of a day from a time sheet when "Prevent reporters from recording start and end times for each day" is selected: 

  5. Changes are saved automatically. If you turn off the Time In and Time Out functionality, the change will happen when your next time sheet launches.  

How to Handle Lunch and Breaks (when Time In and Time Out are disabled)

Once you've disabled Time In and Out, you'll need to create a non-accruing category for reporters to use to account for lunch and breaks.

Here are the steps for updating your template: 

  1. On the left, in your Mission Control, click Time Sheets.

  2. On the right, click Create & manage time sheet templates.

  3. Find the section of the template called Time Allocation Categories and click Create a Category.

  4. When the window opens, give it the Category a name.

  5. To make the Category non-accruing, find this section and select No. (This means time for this category will not be removed from the minimum number you've established in your Time Sheet Association.)

  6. Click Update to save your changes.

  7. Next you'll need to find the Hours Type Labels section and update these labels appropriately.

    These labels will appear in the Where You Are table for your reporters.

Want to learn more about non-accruing categories? Check out this article

Need training materials? 

If you need new training materials to help train reporters and supervisors on how to complete and screen time sheets without Time In and Time Out, drop us an email at support@americalearns.net. We'll be very happy to help!

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