CLLS: commonly used terms in the America Learns knowledge base

Modified on Sat, 17 Feb 2024 at 03:13 PM

You may encounter the following terms as you watch the videos from the CLLS Bootcamp and read articles in the Knowledge Base. Here's how they correspond with commonly used terms in library literacy programs.


Reporter: This is your tutor, your volunteer, and/or the person who is giving literacy services.

Identifier:  This refers to the learner, student, and/or the person receiving literacy services.


Groups: Where you organize your learner profiles, FFL events, and/or your stakeholders.

Form: This refers to tutor reports, logs...the reports tutors use to submit their tutoring hours or other data that your program needs.

Longitudinal Goal Tracker: This is the Roles and Goals question in your tutor report.


Your Impact Suite also uses the term Active, which refers to their status in America Learns.

For tutors, an Active status means they can receive tutor reports. If you do not want the tutor to receive those reports (for example, they have the program status of Waiting or On Hold), you will need to deactivate their profile.

You'll want to archive the profiles of tutors who have left the program.

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