CLLS open table monthly call history

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Here are links to our Open Table Monthly Calls. 

MonthAgendaCall LinkOther Resources
July 2020
  • Getting ready for 2020-21 and implementing changes required by CLLS.

    We reviewed a new checklist that America Learns has put together to make this process as easy as possible.

  • Chatted a bit about how programs are tackling tutoring in the new age of COVID-19.

    You'll want checkout the video of the conversation at about time marker 48:10 for some of the impressive ways your colleagues are adapting and overcoming during the pandemic.

Access the call here. Here are a few resources we used in our conversation:
- Checklist for beginning a new year
- Guide to CLLS Reporting Changes for 2020-21

Promised resource for you: 
Video on updating Race and Ethnicity data for both Tutors and Learns

September 2020
  • Reviewed the new Tutor data exports;

  • Discussed progress on CLLS changes (demographics, new FFL mandates, etc.);

  • Considered how to use the Impact Suite to track New, Continuing, and Left tutors and learners;

  • Shared how programs track small groups and teachers; and,

  • Reviewed how programs are facilitating portfolios for learners.
Access the call here.
October 2020
  • Discussed tutor reflection philosophies and strategies;

  • Reviewed storyboards for a new feature to help track group activities; and,

  • Showcased a new tutor resource tool created by the adult literacy team in Sonoma.
Access the call here.Access the Resource Listing tool here.
December 2020
  • Reviewed the new Group export system; and,

  • Reviewed how to train tutors using your Impact Suite.

Access the call here.
February 2021
  • Reviewed the Learning Community (using the Goal and Challenge Question, accessing the National Resource Library)
    • If your team would like to sign up for a time to review the Learning Community together, book here

  • The team from Sonoma reviewed their new Impact Suite-based Tutor Training Module

  • Reviewed two new features (Seeing Tutors Who Have Not Setup Their Password and Updating Learner Data Using Excel)
Access the call here.
March 2021
  • The team from Sonoma updated us on their new Impact Suite-based Tutor Training Module (If you are interested in using the videos that Sonoma has created you can reach out to them at If you want to setup a time with our team to review setting up the modules, let us know.)

  • Reviewed two new features (Program-wide Exports and Site Data Exports)
Access the call here.

April 2021
  • Reviewed support resource: The Support Center

  • Review Exporting Data steps for Learners, Tutors, and Associations

  • Reviewed the forthcoming Action Center

Access the call here.

May 2021

  • Reviewed the forthcoming updates to Roles & Goals (to be released in June 2021)

Access the call here.
June 2021
  • Reviewed using the forthcoming Roles & Goals question to capture staff entry details upon enrollment & exit of your program (to be released in June 2021)

  • Reviewed the new "Panel Hiding" feature - for sunsetting panels in your Tutor Profiles

  • Reviewed the new "Action Center" feature
Access the call here.
July 2021
  • Reviewed ideas for improving Roles & Goals

  • Reviewed the document signing feature

Access the call here.
August 2021
  • Reviewed ideas to make Roles & Goals "Just Set" more meaningful + capture all of the reportable data
  • Review tools in the monthly reports at your disposal (Urgent Alert Box, Did Not Participate, Auto-Select Learners, and Text Field at top of reports)
Access the call here.Book a time to review exporting data for the end-of-year CLLS report here. 
September 2021
  • Reviewed your wishlist items for upgrades and new features. 
Access the call here.Book a time to review exporting data for the end-of-year CLLS report here.
October 2021
  • CLLS reporting debrief
  • Reviewed how to make changes in fields in the Learner profile
  • Discussed the handling of blank demographic data (should there be a "Not Answered" default setting?)
Access the call here.Book a time to prepare for this current reporting year.
November 2021
  • Our last Open Table for 2021
  • Discussion on FFL data collection (starts at :30 into the call)
  • Discussion of Fuzzy Matching (14:18)
  • CLLS  AmeriCorps (19:18)
  • ESL Funding (31:00)
  • Coming Attraction: Quick Access Menu (32:00)
  • Coming Attraction: New ways at looking at R & G data (35:26)

Access the call here.Book a time to set up FFL events in your groups, or other support you need.
January 2022

First recording: Open Table discussion

  • How to document goals not listed in CLLS Roles and Goals (:00)
  • How to edit reported goals (5:00)

Second recording: Features that are now live

  1. Exporting Roles and Goals Narrative Data to Excel (:30)
  2. Viewing Roles and Goles on-screen (4:50)
  3. Filtering Learner goals by date (9:00)
  4. Progress Tracker - making the text box optional for tutors to fill out (11:00)

Access the first recording here.

Access the second recording here.
Book a time to set up a support call.

February 2022We showed Context Blocks in action, and how they can be used to instruct or inform staff/volunteers how to fill out the fields in the tutor/volunteer profile.
  • Context blocks will be available in the learner/student profiles in the future - stay tuned
If you use the Communications Portal, your recipients may notice something different about the messages.
  • The sender is no longer "donotreply" - it's now "replyto"
  • The subject is automatically populated with an abbreviated version of your program name. If you do not like the way it's been abbreviated, please email (or me) and let me know how you'd like your program to be named.

Access the call here.Book a time to set up a support call.
March 2022
  • Upcoming feature: Text messaging opt-in when enrolling new tutors (or when current tutors log in (1:30)

  • Updates with the Roles and Goals tracker (5:40)

  • For programs that received ESL funding, here are some ideas to track ESL learners separately from CLLS learners (as well at tutors that tutor in one or both of those categories). (12:09).

Access the call here.Book a time to set up a support call.
April 2022

We discussed the new CLLS data points for the 2022-2023 reporting year.  They are:

  • Years of education for learners. 
  • Separate demographic (age, ancestry, etc.) and instructional data (e.g. hours of instruction) for adult literacy and ESL learners and tutors. Volunteers who assist in family literacy only should also be counted separately.
  • The primary language for ESL learners. They are: Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Tagalog, Korean, Punjabi, Arabic, Japanese, Other: Specify
  • We also looked at the safety checkbox at the bottom of the tutor reports (some programs do not have this option).
  • Upcoming feature: Roles and Goals Tracker. the Set, Met, and Set again option will be available for testing soon. If you are interested in being part of the test team, please let me know. (Solano and Sacramento, you're on my list)
  • Coming soon: We are getting closer to having the ability to text without mobile carrier requirement (yay!). Here is the verbiage that you can add to tutor/learner intake forms as a way to opt-in to text messaging: 

Mobile number:_________________________

□ By checking this box, I verify that this is my mobile number, and agree to receive alerts from [your Program Name] through the America Learns Impact Suite via text messages on my mobile phone. 1 message/event/day. I also agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Reply HELP for help, or STOP to opt-out.  Message and data rates may apply. 

  • Extra Support
    • For a refresher on how to add the Primary Language field to your learner profile, click here.
    • If you've collected the Primary Language using a text field and would like to shift it to a qualitative single select field (so that the Impact Suite can tabulate each language), click here.

Access the call here.Book a time to set up a support call.
May 2022
  • Text messaging without needing the carrier. We are waiting on one provider; as soon as they agree, we will be able to move to text messaging without having to ask for a mobile carrier.
  • Roles and Goals Tracker: The "set, met, and set again" option will be implemented soon. The engineers do not need beta testers. (Thank you Sacramento and Solano for offering to test!)
  • Editing dates feature, revisited: The ability to edit dates, particularly when unmatching, marking participants as left, active, etc. is an ongoing need for library literacy programs. Rest assured, this is not falling on deaf ears. This is something we are working on.
  • If you'd like to go over setting up your Impact Suite for ESL participants, please schedule a time with me here
  • CLA: During the CLS preconference, we will be hosting lunch for our CLLS clients. Thanks to Casandra and Laura from the Sacramento Library for scouting out restaurants! We'd like to get a headcount of those who will be at CLA and can join us for lunch; you can let us know here.

Video unavailableBook a time to set up a support call.
June 2022
  • Upcoming: Text messaging without the need for your tutors' mobile carriers! When tutors and staff log into their accounts, they will receive a pop-up message to opt in to the service. For your learners (and individuals who do not log in as regularly), you'll need to provide documentation that they accept the terms and conditions. You can find a sample form here
  • Live now: You have the ability to switch forms in your scheduled launches. You can also do this with your active launches if no one has submitted the form.
  • Upcoming: We will soon be able to merge learner profiles. If you have two profiles of the same learner and want to merge them, make note of the: 1) profile you want to be merged and deleted, and 2) the profile that you want the data to be merged with and kept.

Access the call here.Checklist to prepare for the 2021-2022 Year-End Report

Checklist to prepare for the upcoming 2022-2023 Reporting Year.

Book a time to prepare for this current reporting year.
July 2022
  • It was a quick meeting! We reviewed steps for setting up the new year
Video unavailableBook a time to prepare for this current reporting year.
August 2022
  • We reviewed how to set up reminders messages when you launch reports
  • We looked at how to clone a launch
  • We reviewed context blocks in tutor profiles (you will soon see this feature in the learner profiles, soon)
  • We walked through the steps of exporting tutor rosters

Access the call here.Book a time to prepare for this current reporting year.

September 2022
  • Looked at the newest feature: Staff Profiles

  • Created a Wish List for new features. You can take a look and add your own comments to this list.

Access the call here.Book a time to set up a support call.
November 2023
  • Programs had a chance to catch up
  • Discussion of how to make fields mandatory/visible upon enrollment as well as archive
Access the call here
Book a time to set up a support call.

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