CLLS: archiving learner accounts

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archiving learners

Follow these steps to archive learners.

  1. On the left, in your Mission Control, click Learner Groups (this title may vary depending on your program).

  2. Find the section called Manage Learner Groups and use the drop-down menu to choose the Group from which you would like to archive learners.

  3. On the next page, use the search features to find the learner you would like archive and click the Edit link next to the learner.

    You may wish to use the Customize a View features to quickly see additional details for learners when archiving. Example: You want to archive all of the learners connected to a specific reporter. Use the Customize a View feature to reveal the Reporter Assignment (found in the Assignment Details panel).

  4. Once you have located the learner(s) you would like to archive, check the box to its left.

  5. Then use the Select Action drop-down menu and select Archive Selected.

    You will see a confirmation message once the learner has been archived.

what does and does not happen when I archive a learner

Once a learner is archived the following happens:

  1. Tutor Assignments are not automatically disconnected. It’s important to note that when you archive a learner, tutor assignments are NOT removed.

    When a learner is archived you’ll see the word ‘(Archived)’ on the tutor's profile page (in the Associations panel). Like this:

  2. From the reporters’ point of view, archived learners will not appear in the list of learners the reporter is connected to or in the pink box at the top of reports.

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