checklist for ending one program year and beginning a new one (time sheets)

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Use this Guide to End One Program Year and Begin a New One

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assembling documentation for the program year

assembling documentation for the program year

exporting (and printing) time sheets
reporter management
archive reporters not returning to your program

having trouble archiving reporters? see: why can't I archive my reporter?
hide panels for reporters without data 
use this article to create a new profile or clone the one from the previous year
reporter profile creation: creating panels, sub-panels, context blocks, and fields
create any new documents in signNow (if applicable)
document signing: user guide
site management 
enroll new sites
remove sites that are no longer working with your program
staff management
create any new staff roles
enroll new staff and supervisor accounts 
delete or archive any staff or supervisors no longer with your program
time sheet template managementYou'll want to clone your time sheet template from the previous year if you are mostly keeping all of the same settings from your previous time sheet template minus the start and end dates.

You'll want to create a completely new template if you want to start from scratch.
clone your time sheet template
create a new time sheet template
time sheet association management
add or remove time sheet associations
new reporter management
enroll your new reporters one at a time

enroll your new reporters with Excel

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