quick activities between launches to improve report completion

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Follow up with those Who did not Complete the Report.

It’s so important to communicate on a regular basis that you are reading and using the report data.  It’s also important to communicate that you are tracking who is completing the reports and who is not.

Using your Mission Control's Communications Portal feature, e-mail/text those individuals who did not complete the most recent report, not only reminding them of the importance of completing the reports, but also of the importance of hitting the "Did Not Participate" button if they did not serve or work. We always include templates in the e-mails we send confirming that your reminder e-mails were sent to your reporters.

Thank those Who did Complete the Report.

Using your Mission Control's Communications Portal feature, e-mail/text those individuals who did complete the most recent report, thanking them for their time and assuring them that you’ll be using their data to improve their experiences with your program.

Update Your Automated Reminder E-mails.

You have control over the automated report completion reminder e-mails.  Some programs use these messages to highlight those individuals with the highest completion rate.  

Here’s the text from one Impact Suite reporter:

Dear [first name],

Thank you to those of you have been diligently filling out your report entries. This allows us to keep up on a weekly basis with how you are doing and helps us support you better.

The following are mentors who have maintained at least an 85% or higher participation rate during the past month: 

  • Ashnoo Nanavati
    • Rebecca Owens
    • Katherine Siu
    • Rosie Smith
    • Adria Jimenez-Bacardi
    • Yana Avnilova
    • Betty Barakett
    • Jessica Zetino
    • Carla Migas
    • Shainna Breslow
    • Marie Burke
    • Nancy Zvolensky

THANK YOU! We will let you know in the next reminder who filled out the most journal entries!

Even if you did not serve this past week, please take a minute to log in and click the "DID NOT PARTICIPATE." This counts as an entry to help us monitor participation rates.

Here's the information you need for the mentor journal.

  • Due date:
    • Website:
    • Your username:

Please feel free to call or e-mail me any time if you have any additional questions about working with your mentee.




Also Use the Automated Reminders as Opportunities to Remind your People of Your Goals with the Impact Suite.  

Customize the first paragraph to read:

Please remember to complete your report before the due date listed below.  As a reminder, we're asking you to complete the report so that:

  1. We can better track your experiences with us;

  2. We can learn what we need to do to better serve you; and so that

  3. We can provide you with targeted resources to help you accomplish your goals for your next session.  You’ll receive those resources as soon as you submit the report.

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